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Financeminutes.com is an initiative of InfoTrics Solutions Services OPC Pvt. Limited. Financeminutes.com was conceptualized with an objective to provide useful, unbiased news and information of finance world to our readers.

Financeminutes.com acts as a trusted publisher to track finance news and happenings around you. Our Editors and writers have transparent, fearless and thoughtful perspective. We just do not provide information rather we add a different analytical perspective to it and also share true opinion on various happenings. Not just India, we try to cover global happenings which impact you.

We believe that internet is the best source for accessing need based information in today’s world therefore our mission is to serve as a trusted source to our readers for all the finance news and information they need.

We are a team of young leaders who are dynamic and committed towards integrity of our information.

We are always happy to receive your suggestions and feedback to imporve our service, please write to us on [email protected]

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