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Facebook to launch Red Envelope and Breaking News Feature Soon

Facebook to launch Red Envelope and Breaking news Feature soon

It seems the social media giant; Facebook has taken a vow to keep the users engaged with its technological innovations. After miffing the audience with its experimental feature Explore, it is planning to roll out new features Red Envelope and Breaking News. Let’s see how much will they succeed.

Facebook rolls out a slew of new features

Red Envelope- In the wake of demonetization drive and emphasis on digital payment and online money transfer options, Facebook is planning to start testing a couple of new features. One among them is red envelope payment feature. According to this feature, the user can transfer the money to the others without moving out of the social networking platform. Earlier, the Facebook has rolled out the group payments feature as a part of its Messenger app. This feature helps the users to pay individual members to everyone in the group.

facebook red envelope

Breaking News-It’s hard to understand what a breaking news feature might bring to the audience, but it hints towards the fact that adding a tag like it would push the stories into the users feed and will generate some kind of notification, or at least it will stand apart from the other stories. News publishers having Facebook accounts will definitely use this feature to expand their presence among readers.

facebook breaking news

When will it be launched?

The two new features, which are still under an experiential stage, were brainstormed by Matt Navarra, director of social media publication The Next Web. The features are soon to be launched, but details are not yet disclosed. Here’s what a Facebook representative quoted

“Facebook is always testing new product experiences but there’s nothing specific to talk about at this time,” The report pointed out that it is also possible that these features will never be launched. “

Apart from that, Facebook is also testing a paywall feature in its Instant articles feature. This feature will be available both on Android and Ios devices.


All these experimental features will prove to be a powerful game-changer tool for the businesses and it will act as a marketing weapon for today’s online socially addicted business community. These features are exclusive urgent and are in demand.

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