Finance Minutes Guest Post Reward Program

Finance Minutes Guest Post Reward Program

How to send a guest post to FinanceMinutes.com?

Fill up the form available at guest post page along with the article and images file. Alternatively you can send the article via email to [email protected] The form will be sent for approval and you are likely to get approval within 2 days or you will receive an email for necessary corrections.

What type of post it can be?

Any news, analysis, information on current trending topic which adds value to user and suits below categories:

–          Economy,
–          Global Markets,
–          Personal Finance,
–          Taxation,
–          Currencies and
–          Stocks

How to Earn with FinanceMinutes Author Rewards Program?

After having 5 successfully published posts with us you would receive first reward as a sign up bonus. The payment will be made using your mobile number using Paytm Wallet or UPI (BHIM App).

From 6th Post onwards you will start getting cash reward depending upon the quality of the content analyzed by our editors. Additionally if any writer gets more than 500 unique visitors on his /her article in 30 days of publishing the article, he/she will get an additional cash bonus per article. If you send latest news content based article and not an educational article, you will have better chance to be paid on higher side.

You can write to us at [email protected] for reward details.

Content Guidelines:

  1. Write articles out of the mentioned categories, the topic should be trending and should ass value to user.
  2. Heading/Title must be designed carefully else suggestions will given by our editors.
  3. The Program is open for only English writers.
  4. The Authors are required to submit featured image (with Image credits or preferably use Images that are not subject to copyright). Editors may also help in getting a good image in case writer is unable to find it. Authors are also required to submit in-body images or any other kind of media if required for the Article.
  5. The article that you submit must be unique except quotes from the media or individual. Please note, the article should not be copy-pasted or else the article might be rejected or a penalty may be levied.
  6. The article must not contain any sensitive or vulgar content, the images used and the content of the article must not hurt any religious, national or individual’s sentiments.
  7. The blog should consist of minimum 350 words with good sub headings and 1-2 charts/photographs.
  8. No external URL or website link is allowed in the article, and we may cancel the paid article if we find such act.
  9. Content should not be derogatory.
  10. Any other controversy in the content will also get the writer dis-qualified (subjected to the sole discretion of FinanceMinutes).
  11. Add an author bio at the end of each article. The article shall not be promotional in nature; we may cancel the paid article if we find such act.
  12. The reward program closure date will be communicated to the author with 15 days advance notice.
  13. Author can post only 1 post per day and any increase in the number will be on prior approval basis.

Our Readers are waiting!

Readers waiting for Guest Post

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