GST Mega Event Midnight, Jammu and Kashmir Stands Divided

GST Mega Event Midnight, Jammu and Kashmir Stands Divided

Jammu & Kashmir government has come to a consensus that GST will be implemented in the state from July 01. The opposition has raised some legality issues regarding article 370 while the center is planning to host a mega event on the midnight of July 01.

Opposition versus Jammu and Kashmir Government

The state has approved GST while raising some legal issues with respect to Article 370 and said that they are pro GST. Muzaffar Husain Beigh of PDP was leading the meeting with opposition where the opposition raised issues over the fiscal autonomy of the state with respect to the implementation of GST. Member of opposition said that they are with GST but implementation on the cost of harming the autonomy of state is unacceptable.

The state government and PDP MP Beigh in the meeting said that if we don’t implement GST then our state will face economic chaos. Our traders will have to pay double taxation and they will be unable to draw benefits of GST and won’t be able to compete with other states, said the spokesperson. He said that only the traders will have to bear the loss with twin taxation and it doesn’t sound helpful for the people. Finance minister of the state, Mr. Drabu said that the government will do everything to ensure the sanctity of special rights or Article 370 of the state.

Modi Govt hosts a mega event for GST rollout

The central government is organizing a mega event in the parliament calling out a session to launch GST. The program will start at 11 PM with some events and a two minute video on GST. To make it more grand, the center is inviting key people, MPs, State Finance Ministers, Chief Ministers and member of GST council apart from the members of Empowered Committee.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley told that the event will be of one hour where he will introduce GST to the nation at 00 hours. President Pranab Mukherji, Prime Minister Modi, Former Prime Minister Deve Gowda, RBI governor Urjit Patel and Ex RBI governor Raghuram Rajan will also be present apart from CEC Nasim Zaidi, Lata Mangeshkar, Amitabh Bachchan, E Sreedharan, Ratan Tata and many more.

The event will end at 00:10 AM on July 01 after the Goods and Services Tax will be rolled out for the nation eliminating state laws and other indirect taxes including VAT and Sales Tax.

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