Indian Economy and GDP to Flourish with Stability in 2018

Indian Economy and GDP to Flourish with Stability in 2018

Despite recent setbacks in the last quarter, the Indian Economy is back on track. Reports from World Bank, Moody’s and Standard & Poor ( S&P ) has instilled a sense of achievement for the Modi Government especially with the future seemingly being bright.

Strong and Positive Signals from International Rating Agencies

The World Bank predicted Indian Economy to flourish in times to come whereas the Moody’s rated India with Baa2 which is better for investment purpose. This improvement in ratings came after 14 years. Similarly the S&P also rated India’s economy at BBB and commented it has ‘Stable’. With continuous praises from the international forums, Modi government has settled the debate of collapsing economy from political view at least given the Gujarat Elections.

Now The Economist has also projected India’s economic growth for the year 2018 to be fastest and biggest. In the list of nations with fastest growth rate, India stood at the third place after Bhutan and Anguilla. Given the size of the first two nations, India is certainly the standout performer in the list of world’s biggest economies.

In the list of top 10 growing economies, India is at the top given the size of the economy. India’s growth rate forecasted for the year 2018 is 7.8% which is quite better given the last quarter growth rate standing at 5.7%. Many other economic forums have also resonated the same voice that India will do well on the economic front in the times to come.

PM Modi’s Image Continues to Blossom in the Race towards 2019 LS Election

Just as the quarter reports came citing the fall in growth rate to 5.7%. Many analysts both economic and political questioned the government and doubted a smooth victory for the Modi Government in the upcoming elections. Gujarat Elections that are a week’s short will also be influenced by these positive ratings.

With the wins in Gujarat and HP elections, which looks inevitable, Narendra Modi is set to go for the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections as an undisputed and undefeated leader. Getting the taste of unprecedented victories on different levels for the party, it looks that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will again come out as the winner of the 2019 elections remaining undisputed leader of the current Indian politics.

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