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Looking for Some Tax Saving Investments?

Looking for Some Tax Saving Investments?

Saving tax is utmost priority of citizens these days with increasing control of government over market. Government also promotes savings in the form on investments to help citizens save tax. Currently below are the tax saving investments option you can consider.

Under Section 80C: (Limit Rs. 1.5 lakhs per annum)

Nature of Investment Tenure/Lock in Return Tax on Return
Tax Saver FD 5 or more years 7-9% Interest is taxable
Public Provident Fund 15 years 8-9% Tax free returns on maturity
ELSS Tax Saving Mutual Fund 3 years Depends on fund performance Return/capital gain is tax free
Senior Citizen Saving Scheme 9.2% p.a. Taxable interest
Voluntary Provident Fund Retirement/Resignation 8.5% p.a. Tax free Return
National Saving Certificate 5/10 years 8.5-8.8% Taxable Interest
New Pension Scheme Retirement/60 years of age 4-10% Taxable Pension
Unit Linked Investment Plans 5 years 5-11% Taxable Returns
Tax free Bonds
Term/Life Insurance Plans 10-15 years cover Risk Cover Risk cover plan





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