Multibagger Penny Stocks That Rose upto 500%, Worth Investing?

Multibagger Penny Stocks That Rose upto 500%, Worth Investing?

Hunting value bets among the penny stocks is not easy. Ones who have invested in them and made money out of it also have learned hard lessons. You may need to burn your fingers many a time before you accumulate wealth. It’s easy to enter into this segment, but you would face problems exiting it.

Buying multibagger stocks is almost an obsession among the new generation stock traders, especially after the recent growth in the economy, Moody’s rating upgrade, that has engage spiraled the hopes of quick wealth creation through the stocks, thus drawing the new generation who are desperate for quick riches.

Here we have mentioned some of the multibagger penny stocks that are worth investing:

Padmalaya Telefilms

While the SENSEX took small correction before Moody’s Upgrade, there are a few stocks like Hyderabad based Padmalaya telefilms that have caught up with the rally. It had gained a whopping 1042.50% to Rs 14.28 in June 2017 which was quiet contradictory to its financial results. The financials of the company reported a net loss of around Rs 1.20 crore in the March quarter, as compared to profit earned 7.40 crore a year ago. Going by the fact that when the market is bullish, micro and small cap stocks offers exorbitant returns. Although the stock is again back to the level of 5.8 and gives an opportunity to take risk and earn a chance for quick returns.

C&C Constructions

C & C Constructions is engaged in the construction and maintenance of motorways, bridges, highways, pedestrians, tunnels and subways.  Thanks to its constant efforts, it has bagged road projects by the government of India. Further, it has been awarded with 5 road projects in the state of Bihar. So, is this the reason why the stock experts recommend it. The stock price rose by 285% in current financial year with current market price of Rs. 100.50

Magnum Ventures

Recently, the shares of Magnum Ventures was trading at Rs 13.50, thus representing 488% move vis a vis all time low trade of 3.06 in May 2017. The stock is gaining a momentum after the company reported a standalone profit of Rs 142.31 in the quarter ended March 2017. Is this the reason why the stock outperformed index? Well, though the index failed to perform brilliantly but this stock has doubled the investor’s wealth.

Toyam Industries

Toyam Industries is a public listed company which aims to revolutionize the business of sports leagues. The company was incorporated in the year 2016 and diversified its portfolio in 2017 in all activities related to sports, fashion, films, entertainment, etc. Though the company is rising high on the SENSEX barometer, but it is predicted that the promoters don’t have much faith in the company and they have an extremely low shareholding. The price of the stock rose by more than 559% in the first 7 months of financial year 2017-18.

Whether to Invest in these Multibagger Penny Stocks or not?

Well, good management, the business profile of the company, its outlook are the key indicators that you need to consider before investing in the penny stocks or large caps.


Disclaimer: This is author’s personal opinion. Readers are advised to perform their research before investing.

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