RBI Refutes to Re-introduce 1000 Rupee Notes in Market

RBI Refutes to Re-introduce 1000 Rupee Notes in Market

It seems that the tall claims made by Modi have been dusted out with the deposit of 500 and 1000 rupee notes into the banking system.  The experts believe that the demonetization has failed to serve its purpose and the government is planning to re-introduce 1000 rupees note once again.

Is 1000 Rupee notes story real?

But the speculations were put to a back-foot when the Economic Affairs Secretary, reported in a tweet that government has no plan to mull out the notes once again. Instead they have launched new 200 and 50 Rupee notes to curb terror financing and black money. The Reserve Bank of India has already announced that it would tighten its seatbelt and produce more of Rs 200 notes in order to curb the currency change shortage. The government has further announced that it would not put a blanket ban on 2000 Rupee notes unlike it did on its predecessors.


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