The Ten Best Performing Cryptocurrencies Right Now

The Ten Best Performing Cryptocurrencies Right Now

The world is held in grips by the wonder coin at present and the ten best performing cryptocurrencies you do not want to miss out on are presented in this review.

It is worthy of note that the range of cryptocurrencies that are available in the world today are ethereum and bitcoin spinoffs.

Both major cryptos have outperformed both the stock market and forex trades by a huge mark, and many people are wondering how all this begun!

Take a read and follow the growth of the wonder coin here.


Bitcoin has been a runaway success as it started the year at $880 for a coin. At present, the quote is $3,775 as at morning trades of 25th September 2017.

Many analysts see it topping the $4,200 mark by year-end, and I agree with this level of optimism.

Bitcoin Trading history for 1 year

bitcoin cryptocurrencies chart

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Ethereum started the year at $10.03 but it has amazingly surged to $255.56 in the most recent quotes for today.

If you are looking at a healthy growth rate and you are investing today, expect a further 20 percent surge over the next quarter.

Ethereum trading history for 1 year

ethereum cryptocurrencies chart

Bitcoin Cash

The life of BCC started at $67.4 on the 27th July 2017, but as at today, it trades for $404.7. This currency emerged from the bitcoin segwit decision.

The import of the growth of BCC is based on its convertibility. It is sure to remain competitive and you can expect a surge in value as the year winds up.

Bitcoin Cash trading history

Bitcoin cash Cryptocurrencies chart


Dash started the year on the $12.23 mark. Although this currency has traded for more than three years when compared with some entrants on this list, it currently trades at $340.03.

The rise of Dash has been astronomic. Could it be close to its glass-ceiling? I do not think so just yet. Cryptos are surging and dash still has enough room to prosper


Litecoin came to life in 2011 and has not stopped to amaze market watchers.

This wonder coin started the year at the $4.82 mark and has soared considerably to be noticed across the globe. As at today, it has surged to $48.35.

Although Litecoin has suffered some reverses lately, it is still a good buy that anchors on the fate of bitcoin altogether.


This bitcoin spinoff currently trades at $90.87 and was just at $13.90 when the year started.

Monero looks good enough to soar but the growth rate might not be as high as it is right now in another quarter.

Ethereum Classic

The ETH classic is currently trading at $10.44 and this is against $1.05 that it traded for when the year began.

ETH classic has been affected by bullish antics of late but the returns still beat stock market returns and should be considered.


This currency has witnessed a surge in popularity and has recorded such huge number of transactions that are comparable to ethereum.

Its trading volume this year is second to that of ETH and it trades for $0.546 from a low of about $0.25 at the beginning of the year.

Like most spinoffs, the fate of IOTA might not rest on ethereum fortunes alone as management effects cannot be overlooked. While watching for any ripples from the boardroom, it still looks good at the moment.


This magic coin started 2017 trades at $0.003 and has recorded one of the most significant gains among the other cryptocurrencies. As at today, it has surged to $0.218, in a remarkable fashion.

This cryptocurrency bagged a 12 percent surge in August, and it is fair to expect it to retain its growth average for the remaining part of the year.


This bitcoin spinoff is currently trading at $0.177 as against $0.006 it began the year with.

At some point in the year, ripple displaced ethereum as second most capitalized cryptocurrency, and this was as at May 2017.

Ripple has been witnessing some 10 to 11 percent weekly surge in value since the second quarter of the year.

It is expected to maintain close to 5 percent or more in momentum as the year ends.

Right time to Invest in Cryptocurrencies?

This is an exciting time to make a decision to invest in these cryptocurrencies if you want to make quick returns.

You need to remember that like stock trades, market returns on cryptos are subject to sudden disruptions, and trade history is not always a cast-in-the-stone assurance of future returns.



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