Why You Should Use BHIM Instead of Paytm Or Mobikwik

Why You Should Use BHIM Instead of Paytm Or Mobikwik

Bharat Interface for Money or BHIM app was launched by the Government of India December 30th, 2016 in New Delhi. BHIM is a mobile app that is developed by NPCI which is based on Unified Payment Interface or UPI. BHIM was launched in order to enhance the cashless drive after the demonetization move by the government in November 2016.

Features that Makes BHIM Different from other Payment Apps:

BHIM is based on UPI which allows transfer of money within two parties through virtual medium like mobile phones. A special code is generated by the bank or the app to carry out transactions apart from bank account number + IFSC code. This makes the transfer of money easier and error free. Some features of this app are mentioned below.

  • BHIM allows multiple accounts to operate within the same app. You can change account whenever you want.
  • You can check your bank account balance.
  • BHIM covers nearly all the important banks operating within India which gives user multiple advantages.
  • Like Paytm, BHIM app also generates QR code for individuals as well as merchants for different set of amounts.
  • You can send money to a person’s mobile number if he/she’s mobile number is registered with the bank.
  • The biggest advantage of BHIM is that you don’t need internet connection or Smartphone to use BHIM. It is USSD based which means that you can use the App by dialing *99#
Why BHIM is better than PAYTM or mobikwik

Credits: GOI

Rise of BHIM and its Challenge to other Payment Apps:

BHIM updated its features and launched version 1.2 few days back. Now BHIM is available on iOS or simply iPhones. The app is also available in 9 languages including Tamil, Gujarati and Hindi. The QR code feature launched in the app will prove out to be a big challenge for Paytm and its likes.

The app will only be available on cellular IOS devices and not on non cellular Ipads. The transaction on iOS will be through Virtual Payment Address or through mobile number. In the 2017 budget session, The Finance Minister said that around 12.5 Million people are using BHIM app. The GOI launched two schemes to promote BHIM. One is referral bonus scheme for individuals and other is cash back scheme for merchants.

Rise of BHIM and challenge for Paytm or mobikwik

Credits: GOI

Rise of BHIM and its Challenge to other Payment Apps

Credits: GOI


It would be interesting to see the steps taken by other payment companies in order to counter BHIM. Till now BHIM has proved out to be an undisputed champion with millions of downloads within few days.

The incentives given by the government in the budget session and its availability on iOS will definitely prove out to be another success.


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