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Will Super Costly iPhone X Be Able to Compete in Indian Market?

Will Super Costly iPhone X Be Able to Compete in Indian Market?

On its 10th anniversary, Apple has launched a slew of phones, including the much anticipated iPhone X. The phone will cost around Rs 89,000 for 64GB and 102,000 for 256GB, but despite the high price, many consumers are willing to buy the device because of its extensive features. Here we have listed the same.

Features of iPhone X

This special edition phone comes packed with cool new features like Face ID (in which your face will become a password) and Super Retina Display.

Face ID-One of the biggest benefits of Face Id is speed and accuracy that the user will get. Apple has already said that Face ID is far more accurate than Touch ID and is incredibly fast in its operation.

OLED Display-Another wow feature of this phone is it comes with an OLED display with more than 2 million pixels. It means sharper text, impressive video playback, and much more.  Better than that, it comes equipped with the screen that offers larger than life viewing. The displays will be bought from Samsung having the best in class technology; this is another reason why the actual market delivery of the phone will start from November.

Emoji-Apple has developed another feature Animoji that has become a hotbed of gossip. According to this feature, you can create short clips of your different moods and expressions and send it along with emojis to friends and family. Apple facial recognition feature will make emoji resemble similar to the expressions that you are making.

Wireless charging– Gone are the days, when you used to charge your phone with wired chargers. iPhone is bringing a leap ahead phone in which you can charge your phone with the wireless pads.

Camera– Apple has made drastic improvements in the camera. Carry it along, for a perfect photograph.

What does the expert say that about the phone?

Analyst Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights and Strategies calls this flagship product as an “engineering marvel”, especially when compared to iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. Moorhead further added that this handset “is not just a late copy of competition. Apple did it their way by perfecting their experience.”

Jan Dawson of Jackdaw research called this phone as a “far bigger upgrade” than previous other devices.

Will Indians buy it?

While, you may be disappointed to know the phone is there for high end market, but there is a reason to cheer up. The company is already planning to launch a manufacturing base in India which means the products will become more competitive, as the government won’t levy a duty of 12.5 percent on it.

Make in India Plan in detail

Though the Karnataka government has announced that Apple plans to set a manufacturing base in India near Bengaluru, but the sources confirm that Apple iPhone is just running a pilot project to see the extent of manufacturing that they can do and the kind of concessions that government will provide. The company has also sought permissions from the government to open its stores. This move will definitely lower down the cost of the phones and will give a jolt to its competitors.

Will this new generation phone be able to get ahead of the pack?

Samsung has already launched Note 8 to compete with iPhone X. It has more or less similar features like it with a difference that it will be available to the customers starting from September 21 at a cost of Rs 67,900 and on other hand iPhone will be available by November 3, 2017 at a cost of Rs 89,000. Unless and until you are an iPhone loyalist and have been waiting to buy this upgraded phone from a long time, then there is no one stopping you. Otherwise Note 8 seems to be a much better option.

The mathematics

Samsung 8 has already bagged over 2.5 lakhs pre-orders in India. For iPhone X the numbers are yet to be confirmed. So, what do you think Is Apple insane to launch a high-end phone India where more than 276 million are living below the poverty line? Or will this phone give a boost to the tepid sales of Apple iPhone market in India?



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