Yogi’s Crackdown on Illegal Slaughterhouses in UP: Analysis and Impact

Yogi's Crackdown on Illegal Slaughterhouses in UP: Analysis and Impact

UP government led by Mahant Yogi Adityanath seems to be ruthless when it comes to anything illegal. The day Yogi government was sworn in, illegal slaughterhouses started to close down. This decision has flared controversy not only in UP but all over India. Well, there should be no questions raised on the crackdown of illegal abattoirs but there are many things that are needed to be questioned.

Brief Analysis of Meat Business in Uttar Pradesh:

India’s total meat production in 2012-13 was 59.5 lakh tons in which 26.8lt was contributed by poultry, 14.3lt was contributed by beef and 13.8lt and 4.5lt of meat was contributed by mutton and pork respectively. Uttar Pradesh has remained to be the top meat producer in India with 11.37lt of meat. The business of meat in India amounts to $4.7 billion.

Most of the abattoirs process beef and closing down of these abattoirs has hugely impacted the business. One needs to notice here that most of the abattoirs in Uttar Pradesh are illegal. According to reports, there are only 50-280 legal slaughterhouses in UP and that too vary in different reports. The crackdown on abattoirs has led to a loss of rupees 22,000 crores till recently.

Illegal Slaughterhouses Justifiable?

On the name of business, money and employment, one cannot justify illegal works. If this should be the parameter then contract killers in UP needs the most sympathy as this new government has made them unemployed. About 2.5 million people in UP are directly and indirectly involved in meat business and this ban has adversely impacted them.

Even if you look from the perspective of business keeping law and morality aside, this step was much needed. Illegal slaughterhouse don’t need to pay taxes and nor there is any record of animals that are slaughtered. There is no health checkup for the animals which is mandatory according to the law. Being legal requires not only tax payment but also one need to give details from where one has brought those animals.


  • Many cows were slaughtered in these abattoirs which were stolen from streets and from farm yards of farmers who are highly dependent on their livestock.
  • Cow slaughter in UP is illegal and in the garb of buffalo slaughtering, these abattoirs slaughtered cows.
  • Many dead, deceased and old animals were slaughtered without caring of what adverse impact it can create on the consumer.
  • NGT pointed out that these illegal slaughterhouses are the big reasons for pollution and asked the state to close them.
  • Closing down these abattoirs will force their owners to get into mainstream, pay taxes, follow guidelines and remain honest.
  • It was reported that beef, dog meat and pork was served on the name of mutton as they are cheap and closing them down is definitely a good decision.

The government needs to be sensitive in this situation and should provide help to those poor people who are adversely impacted. The government should also closely monitor the situation and take hard actions against the big people involved in this business so that they don’t indulge in this illegal business anymore.

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