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US H1B Extension Policy Unchanged: Real relief for Indian IT?

US H1B Visa Extension Policy Unchanged: Real relief for Indian IT?

The US citizenship and immigration services (USCIS) announced today that there is no policy change under consideration that could force H1B visa holders to leave the country.  The proposal is likely to bring relief to many techies in which majority are Indians who were waiting for their green card.

H1B visa allows US companies to employ foreign workers who are having expertise in those areas which are required to companies if they are not getting talent in their own countries. Thousands of Indians and Chinese are employed in US under this scheme.

When trump’s government came in power, He promised to tighten H1B visa rule so that instead of foreign talent, companies are forced to hire talent from their own country. Actually this decision was taken under his campaign of ‘Buy American and Hire American’.

Why H1B Visa Reform got delayed?

This is not a decision which is solely taken by the government bodies but it is a result of pressure from several industries and law makers. NASSCOM also played vital role as it had warned that any negative move on the visa would be detrimental for both India and US.

Every company wants talent to run their business successfully. They just want profitable business and if they get talent from foreign countries then they will go for that. So, this proposal is also a relief for tech companies as they find it hard to get talent in their own country. More than 7,50,000 Indians are in US whose future could have been impacted if this proposal would have gone ahead.

Is it really a permanent relief for Indian Techies?

 We should not forget that if government of a country decides to prefer talent of their own youths by neglecting experts from foreign countries and if it also wants to generate jobs for domestic population, then such a relief is not permanent to the foreign workers employed there.

Indian techies move outside the country just for the better future. They don’t get what they deserve from Indian companies. If same expertise and talent is rewarded outside the country, then why can’t here? So, isn’t it a responsibility of government to make such rules which forces workers to serve our country and companies to reward better.

As it is not a permanent relief, government should take step for better future of country’s talent and Indian companies must also reward their employees as per their talent.

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