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Mandatory Aadhar Card for Eight Services Post July 01, 2017

Nine Services Where Aadhar Card is Mandatory Post July 01, 2017

The government has pushed hard on Aadhar Card as the most viable document. If you don’t have your Aadhar Card yet then kindly apply for it as eight things from July 01 will be unavailable without Aadhar Card. Here are those eight;

PAN Card

Now it will be necessary to give your Aadhar number or Aadhar enrollment number if you want to have your own PAN card as a mandatory document. Presently, Aadhar is not a mandatory document.


HRD Ministry has now made it mandatory to link your Aadhar card with your scholarship account before June 30 to ensure your scholarship. States like J&K, Assam and Meghalaya have been exempted from this rule.

LPG Connection

The government has made it mandatory for the beneficiaries of Ujwala Yojna to attest their Aadhar with their LPG connection from July 01 in order to curb forgery in such kind of exemplary scheme.

EPF Account

EPFO has made its 40 million employees to link their PF account with the Aadhar card by June 30 and has extended this date by three months for north eastern states. The date for north eastern states is September 30, 2017.


Now it is mandatory from July 01 to have your Aadhar number as the mandatory document if you want to process your passport. It will be one of those mandatory documents.

Tax Return

If you don’t have your Aadhar card then it may not apply on you till the Supreme Court bench gives its final verdict but if you already have one then you need to link it with PAN card to file income tax return.

Ration Card

It is of utmost importance to link your Aadhar with your ration card as the government has found a lot of fake ration cards. Therefore the government has stressed on linking Aadhar with ration card before July 01.

Railway Ticket Aadhar Card Based Booking

You can get concessional tickets only if you book your ticket with Aadhar card. Indian Railways wants to stop the sale black tickets by linking Aadhar before July 01.

Aadhar Card mandatory

These eight places of linking Aadhar card are mostly common and important for commoners. Ration card, railway tickets, passports, LPG connections and many government schemes are the ones that have been the Mecca of corruption. Linking Aadhar will add uniqueness to each account leading in reduction of leakage.


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