PM Modi’s Independence Day Speech: Financial and Economic Highlights

PM Modi’s Independence Day Speech: Financial and Economic Highlights

As India celebrates its 71st Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation from the ramparts of Red Fort. Here are the detailed highlights of his speech.

A Vow to End Corruption 

From the ramparts of Red Fort, Prime Minister Modi instigated on fighting against corruption at all the levels. As of now, 2 lakh crore of black money has been discovered or identified post demonetization, said Modi. He also said that nearly 3 lakhs of shell companies have been identified and nearly 1.75 lakh such companies have been closed and strict action against such companies have been instigated.

Prime Minister said that such companies operated inside a single building, had no employees nor have any proper documents. He also emphasized on cleansing corruption and said that no one will be exempted and everyone will have to answer. Nearly 800 crores worth of Benami Sampatti or properties have been confiscated till now and the process is still continuing.

Pushing the Indian Economy by Empowering the People

Prime Minister’s top focus is to empower the people by all means. Nearly 2.5 crore LPG cylinders have been disbursed in the poor section of the society. 14000 villages have been electrified in the last three years. Modi pushed on Make in India and entrepreneurship. He said that he wants to make an India where youths are job givers and not job seekers. Modi also emphasized on providing concrete house to the poor by 2022. He also said that the income of farmers will be doubled by 2022.

Emphasis on Education, Technology and Digital Economy

Modi said that he has eased the rules of Universities and have asked them to conduct research and compete at international level and for that the government is willing to pay 1000 crore rupees. He said that Rupay card will be a game changer in the future and technology will help us in many ways. He invited people to use BHIM app for daily transactions as a means to lessen paper economy.

Nearly 9 crore soil health cards have been issued to the farmers and nearly 29 crore Jan Dhan accounts have been opened. Apart from this, the Prime Minister also emphasized on Infrastructure and said that his government is keen to contribute more on infrastructure.

Pledge on Independence Day

Overall he presented his performance until today and an idea of India 2022. He is not considering time frame of functioning of the elected government instead he is focusing on India’s 5 year plan. He has also named this pledge as “Sankalp Se Siddhi



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