R Madhavan Amazes Harward With Idea of India 2030

R Madhavan Amazes Harward With Idea of India 2030

R Madhavan, a prominent actor, said that talking at the fourteenth version of the India Conference at Harvard was life-changing. Harward is one of the biggest student run conferences. Other prevalent Indian identities who talked at the meeting included Manish Malhotra. They also had Telugu on-screen actor and politician Pawan Kalyan as a speaker.

Sharing a picture that additionally highlights Manish Malhotra, Madhavan wrote:

“With THE @ManishMalhotra (awesome talk) and students of Harvard Business School.  Unforgettable times.”

He wrote this on his Twitter page. According to a Twitter post by India Conference, Madhavan’s speech was

“really funny as well as mature.”

Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School facilitated the two-day occasion. It actually united business pioneers, entertainment experts, and numerous different pioneers to take part in a discussion about India’s way to worldwide authority.

Who Is R Madhavan?

R Madhavan has worked in different Bollywood movies like Rang De Basanti, Tanu Weds Manu, 3 Idiots, Rehna Hai Tere Dil Main and Saala Khadoos to give some examples. Amid his profession span, he has shared the screens to different Bollywood personalities like Aamir Khan, Kangana Ranaut and John Abraham. Prior, while talking at Harvard, artist Pawan Kalyan said he was self-destructive years back, “My focus was not on education; my focus was on issues that plagued the society. It made me go into depression. I wanted to commit suicide. As most of you know my brother (Chiranjeevi) was an actor by then. He owned a licensed pistol. I wanted to kill myself but my family counselled me and then began experimenting with life. Studied computers, practised yoga, learned martial arts. I never wanted to be an actor. All I wanted was to be a yogi.”

Madhavan’s vision of a futuristic India

As an author, I really don’t know how influential this speech is to others. But, after hearing his speech, we must be on a path which should be somewhat related to developing our nation. His speech was really exemplary, inspiring and an enlightening one, with a great presentation of thoughts. We must totally agree with Mr Madhavan for his village thought. He said that rather than a smarter city, we need to go for villages. Villages are always eco friendly, green and there is a unique bonding between people over there. All the youngsters, politicians and all the citizens of our Nation must register these words. We all should work for the progressive nation for the year 2030. We have to stop blaming others. I genuinely wish to see “India 2030” to be more advanced  through smart villages, so as to pave the way for a truly developed nation.

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