Top Stock Picks Sep 2017: Amazon, Hormel, Johnson and Lam Research

Top Stock Picks Sep 2017: Amazon, Hormel, Johnson and Lam Research

When investment analysts consider the mood of the market, they want to be in a position to recommend the top four global stocks to expect for September 2017. While this might look routine, experienced investors know that deciding on what to invest in is no piece of cake.

The Internet boom has drawn attention to a lot of Internet-enabled devices, and this has accelerated the earnings of makers of semi-conductors.  The market for these devices is huge and chip-making firms are in the spotlight.

Lam Research Corporation

Lam Research boasts of an assemblage of engineers and technicians that churn out some of the most sought-after technology products globally. They enable a huge chunk of electronic devices sold across the globe with their smart chips.

The first week of September has a bright spot for this firm as several analysts consider that LRC will outperform the market. The outlook has since improved from the hold position that was recommended for investors in Q2.

Johnson Controls International Plc

This highly-diversified company has its hands in a lot of pies in the industrial sector across the globe. Although summer saw the company stocks hit 52 weeks low, the soaring rate of demand for electronic devices makes the stock of this company a good buy.

Johnson Controls global imprint can be seen in 150 nations of the earth.

Hormel Foods Corporation

Hormel Foods Corporation serves the need of millions of families in different parts of the globe with their food and meat product range. Their grocery products are widely distributed, and as the first week of September comes to an end, many investors should have their sights on the Q3 forecast. The previous analysis showed that the company will outperform the market. This not expected to be by a wide margin.

 The present trading level is still around a low in 52 weeks and yields should remain high till year-end at over 2 percent above previous year on the average.


This company has grown its market value at a record pace over the last trading year. The company has been expanding operations in many segments and on a global scale, it has made several inroads. It is a top performer among tech stocks that have provided oxygen for the soaring of the NASDAQ index.

Anyone looking for a mix of dividend yield and capital appreciation should consider Amazon a major buy. It is still very much morning on creation day as far as appreciation of tech stocks is concerned.

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