Bitcoin Gold Opportunity and All You Need to Know

Bitcoin Gold Opportunity and All You Need to Know

When Jack Liao of LightningASIC initiated Bitcoin Gold, not many people thought of it as an opportunity that investors can explore.

Bitcoin Gold hit the limelight in August when snippets of its launch hit the cyberspace. It has been structured as an open project that runs on a dedicated slack to handle discussions and all facets of its organization.

Headwinds for Bitcoin Gold

The Bgold project is run by h4x3rotab along with a select group of volunteers that are helping to help the introduction to the marketplace in a seamless manner. The introduction of Bgold is expected to push the mining of Bitcoin back to home users to enhance its decentralization.

Other notable highlights include:

  • Bgold is starting off on a healthy note as it seems able to avoid the segwit apprehension which led to support and rejection that resulted when BCash emerged. So far, all segments of the market are open to Bgold.
  • The other plus is the adoption of Bitcoin Lightning Networks and address formatting that will prevent sending of Bitcoin to cloned addresses.

Investors can grab the free coins for sure

While looking at the home mining possibilities that Bgold offers, no one should overlook the open door it has for investors to double their wealth at no cost.

According to details provided by the promoters, the hard fork will go live on 25th October 2017, and anyone who has a private to their bitcoin wallet won’t require an exchange wallet. So, an investor will get a free Bitcoin gold for every BTC holding in a bitcoin wallet. Although BTC commands higher value than Bgold, the free gold coin is a wealth multiplier for all and sundry.

Since Bgold is tied to Bitcoin, it means investors have nothing to lose by retaining their bonus gold coins after trading commences in November 2017. The bonus offer is a real attraction that anyone who has investment guts will not overlook.

What to expect?

Investors might be interested in the launch price of Bgold, which will soon be unveiled. However, Bcash offers the closest semblance to lean on in this scenario. Bcash traded at over $200 when it was launched and today, it trades at $337 for morning trades of 18th October 2017.


Bitcoin Cash capitalization chart –

If this template is used for Bgold, the same spread and effect can be expected as Bcash capitalization as its market cap is above $5.6 billion presently. While Bgold launch price might come up lower, I foresee a close quote when the trading begin.

Safeguards to lean on

  • A wise investor must have a bitcoin wallet with private key control in place
  • Make your transactions before the fork and lay off for a few days before you make any further move
  • When the coast gets cleared with no hitches or uncompleted transactions reported, love in to access your new gold coins
  • Be at liberty to move your gold coins to a safeguarded wallet
  • You can choose to make a quick kill if the price soars like Bcash within the first three days (Bcash spiked to $700 in its early days), and sell it off
  • Always remember that all investments involve elements of risk and projections do not always conform as expected.

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