Kyber Network (KNC) Opens At $2.40 on Binance Exchange

Kyber Network KNC ETH BTC

Kyber Network (KNC) is now listed on Binance and can be exchanged and traded against the ETH and BTC with price around $2.40.

Binance made a big announcement recently to list Kyber Network Token KNC on their exchange starting 2017/09/26, 04:00 AM (UTC).

Now traders can trade KNC against the Ethereum and Bitcoin as the pairs KNC/ETH and KNC/BTC are available for trading on the platform.

The exchange already started taking deposits of KNC starting yesterday and listed the tokens. It was available for trading at 04:00 AM (UTC).

Kyber Network KNC Token Price Opens Higher

As soon as the KNC token was available for trading, it was $2.40 and KNC/ETH traded at 0.00830ETH. As of writing, a new high was formed at 0.00890ETH and low was 0.00800ETH.

The price was stable above $2.40 and it seems like it might be dumped early on before finding support. On the upside, a major resistance sits at 0.0100ETH.


On the other hand, the KNC/BTC, the bitcoin pair was 0.000630BTC and traded as high as 0.000700BTC and low was at 0.00061020BTC.

The price is on a decline mode as it seems like traders are taking profits and booking orders. There were a few large sell orders in place, which could drag the price towards $2.00.

However, the $2.00 level is a decent support and where buyers are likely to take a stand and protect more declines.

As of writing, the KNC/ETH trading volume was more than 650 ETH and KNC/BTC trading volume was more than 60 BTC.

It is likely to high 1000 ETH soon and 100 BTC respectably. Volumes are expected to pick up rapidly as soon as traders jump in and involve in trading.

Trade safe traders and stay away from hype and false rumors while trading.


Chart Source – Binance Exchange



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